Saturday, November 29, 2008

it appears that

winter has come upon orange county. which means standing water actually gets a little cold.

oh, and it rains. LOL!

we played football on a field two days after it rained. still a little slick, but not muddy.

some kid dropped after a 20-hour wow marathon. what a loser for playing wow.

i could have done cs:s for 20.1 hours. and not drop. oh snap!

Christmas is here. almost. isn't great that our holiday seasons are dictated by commercial stores?

Every year, someone gets sick around this time. then everyone else gets sick.

on the plus side, i might not have to ride my bike next week to school.

i will be back later. kawaii!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

you have been lol'd

thought of doing another coldplay parody...

it took some wine
it took some wine bordeux
a can of pringles too
to make the snow yellow

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

late music monday

thought i would start off with something that classifies as "classical music"

then you have weird emo love songs lol

that is all.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


nothing is more annoying than someone taking the time to say "I don't have time to talk about this, but I think you're wrong anyways, because I'm always right."

Gaaahhhh! Defenestration!

why giving winks is so important

because they're fun, and multi-useful.

lemme demonstrate using words.

the acknowledging wink: one would ask why bother. because they're less noticeable than chin nods, and a little more friendly. unless its a little kid, and you're in your thirties. then its just weird.

the average wink: moderate. like a blink. except with one eye.

the i know, you in? wink: often misunderstood, but quite powerful at business meetings and in class.

the friendster wink: preluded with an expression, this wink indicates whether or not the receiver agrees with the same emotion (likely boredom).

the salacious wink: like a flash, only much less so. fun to give, better to receive.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hail to the king

After watching several soccer games around the world, and judging by the Brits' response to the occasional NFL game, I have determined that America is a poor sport.

Why? What happens to losers after they lose? Sure, all losers feel bad. But America doesn't remember the losers. It doesn't matter how well they played, or if they somehow lost by penalties (another massively bad American tradition in football and somewhat in basketball. baseball has only ejections. soccer has only ejections. water polo has only ejections and power plays. hockey has only ejections and power plays. guess what? these games don't stem from America) no one cares.

The brits, though, seem to remember that chelsea and manchester both still exist, are great teams, and play well, despite the outcome. Huh. I like the Brits.

America loves a winner. That's why we always win.

Monday, November 17, 2008

so that's the trick

for those of you lamzors who do not, for lamzor reasons, read the newspaper, particularly the comics:

i particularly think that most of the xfire and world of warcraft people, and some of the paid yahoo! bloggers are most responsible. stick to status updates.

music monday

short one this week. enjoy!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I blame DST

Ok, for some reason, most of my friends have not been posting as frequently on their blogs. Furthermore class discussion has been at an all time low. I think I know why.

DST wrecks more than just a time change havoc. The day is physically cut by an hour. The sky grows dark around 5. There is something seriously wrong with this.

But, of course, by next march, us californians will welcome DST. especially those who surf.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Apple spyphone

I saw the new iphone commercial, in which apple marketed a program which will track other iphone. once again, the need to find, track, and stalk your friends and loved ones is disturbing. but why? is it the desire to feel control over a person's movements? is it a need to know? does this violate people's privacy (obviously, if someone wanted to disable finding themselves, they could, but the ignorant and the exhibitionists (wait, that's not right...) will be unable or unwilling to)? huh...

this is a very fun app.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

this was really hard

but here it is!

baby kings, derived from viva la vida-coldplay

I used to drool and hurl
The wants would come when i said the word
Now in the morning I sleep, troubled
See the child in an old photo

I used to scream and cry
From the pain, I thought I would die
Look around as they presented me
As they held me up just like the Lion King

The diapers would catch my pee
Until my age became to be
Then I discovered that I could stand
Then it all came down, now its the end

I hear my shrill alarm a ringing
My works a drag the boss is screaming
Be more quicker, my watch, until
It's time to go home and have a meal

But to be back with my choo-choo train
Once time pass it will never,
never in a real world
but that was when I knew no words

It was the evil and nasty sin
That made it all so paper thin
I can't remember what I had done
All I know right now, is I have a son

I'm in a nasty state
But I've a job from six to eight
I'm just a sucker for pretty things
I knew I should've protected something

I hear my shrill alarm a ringing
My works a drag the boss is screaming
Be more quicker, my watch, until
It's time to go home and have a meal

I wish someday that time could change
when they all praised me cause i knew my name
to a time that was so good
but that was when i drooled and hurled

I hear my shrill alarm a ringing
My works a drag the boss is screaming
Be more quicker, my watch, until
It's time to go home and have a meal

I wish someday that time could change
when they all praised me cause i knew my name
to a time that was so good
but that was when i drooled and hurled


Monday, November 3, 2008

Music Comments

1. Human isn't that new, but its a good Killers song anyways. Hopefully the rest of the new album will be an improved Hot Fuss.

2. For some reason, Dad really likes this one.

3-4, 6. Just for good measure, some British pop, and what created British pop.

5. The one Jack Johnson song I don't have.

7. The theme song from Chuck. You didn't know that? Really?

queer ads, economic woes

This is hilarious, if you get it. Kind of like a hard of hearing genie who once gave a man a twelve-inch pianist.


The election is tomorrow. Do you know who you're voting for? More importantly, why?

I miss Joe Biden. That man's mistakes make me laugh. Where is he now, anyways?

Presidents, actually, do very little to help the economy in any way. The power still resides in the people, no matter what tax cuts, programs, or fiscal policy any president offers.

Why do we even bother having the Fed, or Social Security? Both are useless in this time and age. The Fed does very little by cutting interest rates, because only the consumer decides whether they want loans. Social Security is flawed because of our retiree-to-employee ratio, which means less people pay more for old people who only spend and create a minimal amount of jobs. And yes, planning for retirement is a bad idea for the whole. People end up hoarding money (not spending) to hopefully spend it when they can't enjoy it. Work is good for you, because then businesses are spending, the government is spending, and you are spending. Yay for socialism!

i feel rich

yay new tv, new car, and now, new phones hahahahaahaaaa.

call me! 949-292-6776