Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i read it for the articles, really

so i've read enough esquire and GQ mags to learn what I should know about women. Here's a summary:

1. Most women like to be touched. But not really. It's either got to be a full on hug, or, in the case of the more skittish, a side hug. but feel free to go all captain morgan on them, and go with the full hug.

2. Men should, apparently, look nice, but not impeccable.

3. Men should be assertive, but not controlling.

4. In summary: a man should be a man, whatever that may be. women apparently have a hard time making up their minds

mystery solved

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

the new slang is no slang

the music you may or may not be currently listening to that is posted here, on this blog, is the sappiest love song ever. but it is sooooooo good. it's sensual, without being sexy. or maybe its vice versa. or maybe it's both, i don't know, its like eating candy. definitely movie music. anyhow...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


i don't think i've seen any of my friends for 3 weeks now. i've only been outside of the house for class, church, and picking up my brother. i've been up until two every night, watching monty python's flying circus. i guess this is life for now.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

if you'll excuse me, i have to go argue on the internet.

apparently, early applications are a scam designed to force people to choose a college and stick to it.

good thing i'm only applying to one!

i slept in to like eleven today. on a monday. this can't be good.

i might be working at baskin robbins in a few weeks. it might be fun.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

on a sugar rush

want to know how?

8 lemons, squeeze 'em, get the juice.
mix a simple syrup, 1 part lemon juice, 1 part sugar
drink straight. effects last for approx. ten minutes. recommended for sniping.

also, this girl has the best voice ever. little too avant-garde in her dress, though. close your eyes if strange patterns affect you.

or there's always something different:

strange, dark comedy abounds. not recommended for those who have had their hand chopped off.

life without

firefox recently reported to me that i access the facebook login page, on average, 49 times a day. so i'm taking it off for a day (yes, all the farmville crops have been planted and set at least 2 days). also, 3 people reported over the last couple of days that they reached a given number of friends, so this should piss them off royally.

it feels really, really strange without facebook. its like i habitually go to it every time i turn on firefox.

what exactly is the meaning of liff? after 1.5 hours of monty python sketches, all i can determine is this: obscenely obese people need to go. thanks a lot, terry jones. you have saved us all.

and now for something COMPLETELY different:

also, radiohead concerts are amazing. i hope to go in the next few years. and if daft punk ever decides to play again, i will be there.

working on the app to biola, and filled out the housing card instead. it was far more fun. what's scary is how to pay, but i guess i'll figure that out soon enough.
btw, if there are any lazy, intrepid, totally relaxed males with a business major and a surfboard, who love alt rock and video games, hit me up! actually, i'll just settle for the chillaxed factor, because i don't need someone stressing all the time. also, if we can, like, mutually think each other is awesome, that would be cool.... actually, i'll keep that one for marriage.

Breaking news: Relient K released a new album. Must discover quickly.

now you see why i like monty python? a bunch of barely related skits and gags?