Wednesday, December 31, 2008

why i hate the inheritance series now

ok, first of all, without plot, character development, or originality, paolini is a great scenery writer. now, with that disclaimer...

like most sequels, the series starts off great. there was a lot of potential to be realized from eragon. but then...

eldest was pretty bad. that murtagh thing totally came off badly. i totally saw that coming. oh, and thank god that paolini did not write more poems for eragon to read.

i only read the first hundred pages of whatever the third one's called, but basically everybody's gonna be a dragon rider. ok, not everybody. but it wouldn't surprise me if the third egg hatches for roran, and he marries katrina, and eragon leaves and thats the end.

the big thing is that eragon is now iron man. it all makes sense!

look similar?

in eragon's smackdown/retribution/grudge match with the razac, he turns into iron man! i can see it now! "power diminishing to 25%, reverting power to life support"

also, system wide zune crashes the night i get my ipod. i laugh at microsoft.

darkness is energy efficient!

can't see all of it?

also: most annoying song in the world.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the aftermath of christmas

ipod received. what could be better than that?

pwned finals for some classes. also good, because there's quite a bit of monetary reward behind those grades. like 20 bucks. even if the class is 1 unit (read: real easy).

new computer. vista sucks in annoying ways, but its still a quad-core (fast), and stuff still works.

life is good, or at least until tomorrow. there's good food on the table, its warm, music is blaring, digital guns are shooting. what could be better?

Monday, December 29, 2008

oh, its monday already?

52: posts on blog

52: Chargers points scored last night. Wouldn't be awesome if they went all the way to the Super Bowl? Wouldn't it? What kind of team that goes 8-8 and beats a 13-3 team is this? time will tell.

105 (52x2+1) dollars i received for the ipod replacement fund.

150k (52x3-6) points on rock band with the knd's set. oh yeah. i'm so pro.

yeah, i miss my numbers.

i would rather have my math finals over and over every day for the next 2 weeks than do a term paper.

Also, no music update. Still the same. I'm so lazy lol.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

not batman; random crap; merry christmas

its dr. horrible's song-a-long blog! available on itunes.

yes. neil patrick harris can sing.

how to get anything you really want for Christmas:
ask for it. say you got one and lost it and really need another one. start a replacement fund. talk about it all the time. tell everyone how different and miserable your life is without one.

i made fried shrimp wrapped in spring rolls. there were fifty wrappers. it took 45 seconds each to make, plus 10 minutes to fry. that's 47.5 minutes. gone in 3 minutes, eaten by 18 people. thats 2.7 spring rolls a person. i got (tada!) 2. so someone owes me .7 of a spring roll, or 50 seconds of my life.

Well, at least i made off with 4 more dumplings then the average consumption rate.

lakers: sweet revenge.

merry christmas/crimbo! kol season is almost over.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

its christmas break

and i'm off to flor-i-da!

expect guest posts here soon. maybe.

Monday, December 15, 2008

easy music update

now.... SCREAM!

Friday, December 12, 2008

thanks to you people

we now know/have these pointless things:

Paul Somers and Dale Goodrich (1937)
Following long discussion, together coined phrase "F*** you," after neighbor repeatedly asked them to turn down Benny Goodman on the phonograph.

Lucille Eck (1979)
Briefly posted sign outside Mennonite meetinghouse to ward off nosy tourists. "Wherefore Thy Fascination?" later abbreviated to "WTF?"

Martin Cooper (1973)
Invented excuse "Sorry, I'm losing reception" during one of first cell-phone calls when his friend started telling him a dream involving Teddy Roosevelt and his ex-wife making waffles together.

Dave Weathersby (1958)
Encouraged girlfriend to tie sweater around her waist to hide her "big ass."

Stuart Freyer (1933)
After getting stuck in his squat beneath 295-pound barbell at Atlas's World of Iron, invented phrase "Li'l help?"

Chester Pence (1871)
Came up with idea of simultaneously putting index finger and pinkie behind person's head in photo so it looked like he had devil horns.

Jasper Jacoby (1863)
Conceived of "gotcha nose" trick during a rainy night with his nephew. Villagers were so frightened by his illusion, they taped teacups over their noses so they wouldn't get stolen while they were asleep.

Ryan Wendel (1862)
First person to design complete ransom note by cutting individual letters out of assorted newspapers and his sister's Emily Brontë novel, then gluing them onto sheet of parchment. (Note: Wendel was really self-conscious about his handwriting.)

Archibald Gips Jr. (1730)
Discovered ear could not only be used to hear things but as shelf to hold quill pens, twigs, and sticks of butter.

Samuel Mansfield (1625)
First to use catchphrase from popular entertainment, greeting friends with line "If an oily palm be not a fruitful prognostication, I cannot scratch mine ear!" (Antony and Cleopatra, Act I)

Thanks Esquire!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

tut tut, tis tv thursday

survivor is finally almost over tonight! yeah!

also pushing daises is not slated for another season.

neither is the crap that came in with this fall's season, such as my own worst enemy, the ex list, etc.

sunday finished off the amazing race. that divorced couple (ken and tina) should stay divorced. have you seen the way the husband allows himself to be verbally abused like that?!?

on monday, there was this hilarious clip where i identified with teh little asian kid...when i was young...

also earlier, you should know that the big guy in the middle also attempted to explain to the kids why fighting is bad, and was called out for being a wuss.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

the bane of asians

i honestly have no idea what it is. but whether its a genetic (mal)function, or just something that always happens, asian moms are obsessed with their child(ren)'s grades. its very sad.

what makes me laugh a little about it is the fact that most dads (even asian ones) don't care that much about grades. They just know that as long as their kid works hard and does his !$(@!*# best, its fine with them. maybe because their asian moms pushed them too hard and they swore they would never do that to their kid ever?

but as to not discourage any asian mom readers out there, you guys are the best cooks.

also: my big toe has an ingrown nail. and yes, when you put socks and shoes on and begin to run, it hurts.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

wealth is great

about this time of year, i typically recieve a large haul of money. how is this?

every A in school, $20. this year, i fully expect at least 3.
final's season, $10 an hour, for 5-15 hours per week for two weeks.
every christmas, 100-120, by selling off/returning presents.
every birthday, another 70-100.
chinese new year, 50-100.

so this is cool. and it brings me happiness. and a little pride. nothing is cooler than showing off all the cool stuff you bought the day after christmas to your friends. except maybe buying it in front of them.

so, according to boethius, if ipods bring happiness, then apple has taken a little bit of heaven.

oh, and then i'm not grounded any more. not that i play much between semesters anyways.

random: grounded from something? find the alternatives. visit the library. hide out at friend's houses and play their video games. use the house phone. exercise for long, long periods of time. use the radio. and enjoy school, because really, the prison is the often the most free.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

i took a short cut

no music updates on monday this/next week. changed it today instead.

things we lost in 2-10 volts of static electricity

you might care to recall that i washed my ipod in the laundry. bad, bad, bad, bad. horrible.

well, now, i have lost my computer, hopefully due to a melting motherboard/power supply, and not a virus, which would totally suck, because the next computer will likely have the same problem and while both of these items will be replaced sometime after christmas, I CANNOT LIVE LIKE THIS!

i feel depraved.

and in two weeks, i will be on a six hour plane ride, and the only consolation is that it is a red-eye.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

despite all the holiday cheer

the emo kid inside of me finds stuff like this:

try it!