Monday, January 25, 2010

for your reading pleasure

biola was so eager to accept me, they only took a week to send me my acceptance letter!

but in all seriousness, i'm very happy to have a place to move off to. it seems that my family has grown even more dysfunctional, so getting away will be a nice change of pace.

hopefully, i won't be shacked up with someone i know, or knew. this is a chance to meet entirely new STRANGERS. also, they might be azn.

biola was kind enough to accept classes that i thought would not transfer. which means i just saved 20% or more by switching to saddleback. what a concept!

still don't have a car. still can't drive (legally). walking is always better, greener... more *gag* romantic. yes, i will still be hormone driven, particularly sophomore year. some things never change.

of course, you can't walk to the beach. but you can take a bus. again, what a concept!

doing my best to land a base overseas for Air Force. yes, all that tax money that goes to our nation's defense? some of that pays for a university education. that's quite a concept, isn't it?

anyhow, no one else has posted in the last two weeks, which makes this post a C-C-C-C-combo breaker! yes!

Class of 2013, baby!