Monday, August 31, 2009

the endless summer

want to make summer last as long as you want?

1. don't work hard! or better yet, get your schoolwork done for the week on monday. you have a syllabus and a schedule. just get it over with!

2. hit the beach! flaunt your fun in front of your friends! learn an awesome skill! these three things will make any "fall" day more like summer.

3. summer is really a mentality. keep thinking summer thoughts.

4. stay with your job, if you have one. if you don't have one, stay away from a job.

5. wear shorts and t-shirts every day.

6. please remember that you will likely be alone during your extended summer. unless you plan to wave your artificial freedom in front of your friends, don't bother them.

7. work on your tan. it's not that hard, just be outside.

and now, for the deadlines...

8. summer ends at thanksgiving. sorry. no exceptions, unless you fly to the other side of the world. but this post isn't intended for you people.

9. alternatively, if it snows, summer is over. so, like, alaska?

10. hold out as long as you can. when you quit, and think, "summer is over" summer ends for you.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

certified mac genius

and now for something completely unrelated:

while i wait for certain downloads to complete, i figure the most industrious waste of my time should be divided between pointless digital scribblings and facebook. and now that facebook is devoid of new content, and that wonderful little box in the bottom right corner lies dormant, i suppose i'll write on what i learned this summer.

i learned that, just because you're love vacations, doesn't mean that vacations love you. (unless you're in soviet russia)

i learned that cruises are for old and fat people, and occasionally both. also, germans have better schools than we do.

i learned that certain things are to be enjoyed with your family, and certain things are best enjoyed alone.

i learned that the ocean frees your mind.

i learned that, while i love all females, i can't stand them for prolonged periods of time. you people talk too much.

i learned that sometimes i can be completely extroverted, and also completely introverted.

i learned that watching mickey rourke hit his wrestling buddy with iron skillets and aluminum containers is humorous to men only.

i learned that fries are excellent dipped in strawberry and chocolate shakes, but not in vanilla or soda.

i learned that anything you do can end up on the webz. this is not always a bad thing.

i learned that you should always set a day off every week for rest and recuperation.

i learned that a deck of cards is invaluable. bring one everywhere.

i learned that the hero actually does always win in real life, he just has to wait much longer.

Friday, August 14, 2009

harvest '09

yay! relient k tomorrow!

well, skillet will be there too, but hopefully they'll be better live than what i've heard, which is nickelback type rock: simple rock, no effects, not much layering,, too much distortion/overdrive. but whatever, i'm not into it, but others might be, which is more important.

at any rate, check out silversun pickups! they're absolutely awesome. music posted

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

uh huh yeah

i bought yet another paintball gun, in the excuse that it comes with two air tanks so i can use one with another already owned gun. and it comes with sexy, sexy, fingerless gloves.

also, i am joining the army/air force. isn't that awesome? now i can travel the world for free on my leave, and have a place to stay and eat wherever i land. yes, like hawaii, japan, or wherever i choose.