Wednesday, January 19, 2011

zombie mode

that is what this blog is in right now. everything is a decaying mess.
but did you know that two spaces after a full stop is WRONG? My mind is full of safe/NSFW.

I'm working out, getting strong, being capable. I've looked back at myself, at the old pictures, the old numbers, how weak I used to be. The Army has made me strong. I have made myself even stronger. Here's my numbers for the APFT:
Jan 2010: 44 Pushups, 38 Situps (Failure), 15:40 run.
May 2010: 66 Pushups, 66 Situps, 13:10 run.
Sept 2010: 81 Pushups, 72 Situps, 12:58 run.
Dec 2010: 84 Pushups, 82 Situps, 12:54 run.

But the APFT doesn't measure functional strength, you might say. What's your real numbers?
I didn't lift back then. I still don't really lift now, to my own detriment. But here's what I have
Jan bench: 65#
May bench: 95#
Dec bench:135#

this is, unfortunately, all i have, but across the board, this is twice as good as last year. This is far from over, though.
I've adjusted my screensaver to give me motivation.
I'm addicted to workouts. If I don't do them, I feel terrible.
I just don't want to end up a fatty, or be so weak I can't do crap. Anyhow... NSFW

Thought I just turned into a fitness freak, didn't ya? Still have a few other things to share.
Music choices have changed so much more. I'm now open to everything from folk rock (Mumford&Sons) to heavy dubstep dance mixes (Skrillex, PRime). But the radio just keeps pumping out the same tunes that we've heard for the past year and more. the best sites for new music?
pandora always puts out.
the hype machine. lots of remixes, lots of trends. think spin mag, except nearly every track is free and RIGHT THERE.
grooveshark. I don't use this personally, but lots of friends swear by it.

Some of my findings posted. Eccentric is the key word here.

Ahhh, spring time.
It's time. I will FIND YOU AND ASK YOU OUT.

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